About Us

About Zero-Fux

Apparel Made by Veterans, Inspired by Warriors

We are a proud family run business based in the UK, We are veteran owned and operated, our family has seen active service with the military as far back as World War One with my great great great grandfather serving as a stretcher barer on the front line in Northern France, we have proud connections in the construction of the Cenotaph in central London whereby my great grandfather who was a stone masons worked on carving the stones which were later used to form the structure you see today, this has been central to every Remembrance Sunday since 1920.

Zero-Fux came about in order to reflect upon our old school sense of humour, our outlook on life, and experiences. 

Being routinely confronted with situations which at times are life threatening, stressful and involve huge amounts of risk are fairly routine, teamwork and camaraderie are paramount as in many situations the only backup you have are your opps's stood beside you.

Having that steadfast determination, as well as the confidence, resilience and tenacity ensures that everyone goes home in one piece. Tea and Medals optional.

We have great respect for anyone who has served within the armed forces or who work in the Emergency Services. either here in blighty or across the pond with our friends and allies in the USA 

So, whether you're a Supporter, Veteran, or Emergency Services worker we would be honoured for you to own and wear our threads.

Our Mission…

Provide high-quality apparel and exceptional customer service.